Some of my favourite shots from recent clients

Have a browse through some shots from recent events that I've covered. I like to shoot as much candid material as possible as I feel it brings out the personalities of the rich cast of characters that will be at your special day.

I've tried to show a mix of editing styles here for your consideration. I love warm images with rich colours, and will throw the occasional Black & White image if I feel that the mood of the photo calls for it or would be enhanced by it. I've also included some "gritty" images from a wedding that asked for their photos to have a lot of grain and desaturated colours. If you have a particular look in mind I am happy to discuss them with you and send you some proof photos edited to your taste. Before your final delivery is done you'll receive a small gallery of shots done in a few different styles to see if there's a look you'd like to go for. Whether you have an exact look you know you want, or you're happy to leave it in my hands, I'm sure we can come up with something that will fill you with joy for years to come.

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